About me

Hello, my name’s Alissa and I’m a librarian. I love getting to say that! Being a knowledge worker is one of the great joys of my life—I am endlessly fascinated by how humans store and organise knowledge, whether it be on paper, on pixels or in people.

I lead a team of metadata librarians at a regional academic library. Previously I’ve worked as a library systems caretaker, web archivist, legal deposit cataloguer, local history librarian and collections assistant. My professional interests include information infrastructures, critical cataloguing and radical metadata maintenance, Indigenous theories of knowledge in the GLAM sector and the environmental impact of library work. My personal interests include bad 80s pop music, forest bathing and burritos.

This blog is a collection of thoughts and opinions across my library career, mostly about cataloguing but sometimes about other things. Some of my views have changed over time. Please don’t assume that a post on a given topic necessarily embodies my current thoughts on that topic—changing one’s mind in public is good and healthy.

I am Information Officer for the ALIA Community on Resource Description (ACORD) and treasurer for newCardigan.

Despite owing my career to Twitter I’m trying to spend less time there because it’s a total binfire (my handle is @lissertations). If you need my attention, please email me at hello AT lissertations DOT net.

Please don’t ask me to give a talk at your event or be on your podcast. I am autistic and the sheer thought of public speaking is a huge anxiety trigger. I used to do these things but have now stopped because I need to prioritise my health. If you would like me to contribute to a project, consider asking me to write something instead.

This blog is archived by the National Library of Australia’s Pandora service and is accessible here.

My opinions are licensed under CC-BY and are definitely not those of my employer.