Who are you?

I’m Alissa, a postgraduate distance student of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University. I’ve also recently started work as a heritage librarian. This blog describes my adventures as a LIS student and curious world-processor.

What do you do?

At uni I’m majoring in Librarianship, with an eye towards graduating asap.

At work I focus on reference, acquisitions and cataloguing. Eventually this will expand to digitisation and digital preservation (yay!) as well as archives management.

At home I read too much and plot mad-sounding travel itineraries. I also make really good burritos.

Why librarianship?

It seemed like a good idea at the time (and let’s be honest, being an astronaut was never going to work out). I can see myself ending up in the digital preservation sphere, which would be awesome.

What else interests you?

Aside from the above, my other interests include computer history, tea, cold weather and planespotting. I enjoy music in minor keys and clothes in clashing colours. I am also a budding bookbinder and love the physical feel of a well-crafted book.

No cats, please.

You don’t have comments enabled!

Correct, and this is by design. Life’s too short to spend it moderating comments–I’d much rather have broader conversations on Twitter or other social media, where others can share their insights.

Where can I contact you?

You can find me on Twitter @lissertations or reach me by email at hello AT lissertations DOT net.

It’s worth noting that I blog in a purely personal capacity; my opinions are mine and not those of any employer I may or may not have.